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HempireŽ is an expanding network of franchised retail boutiques specializing in stylish, affordable, eco-friendly personal and gift items. Spoil yourself, not your pocketbook or the earth: indulge in quality earth-conscious products ranging from emollient bath and beauty to trendy fashions and accessories, uncommon gifts and experience-enhancing products. Experience the HempireŽ Difference: the out of-the-ordinary made primarily from recycled or sustainable resources! Enjoy hemp-based products in new and unexpected ways and treat someone special to a unique HempireŽ gift!

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Due to its superior nature, hemp has more than 25,000 uses, including food, healthy cosmetics, textiles, fiberglass, fiberboard, composites, paint, varnish, solvent, clean burning fuel, plastics and paper. In fact, hemp produces exceptional-quality paper with less bleaching and generates more pulp per acre than trees. Hemp is one of the world's oldest, strongest and most renewable fibers.

It stands the test of nature and time, being naturally resistant to microbes, age, weather, tearing and shrinkage. It can be cultivated in as little as 100 days compared to the 50-500 years to grow a tree. Hemp's long tap root and nutritious qualities make it a natural for crop rotation. Authentically organic, hemp requires no pesticides or fertilizer to grow; it naturally fertilizes its own soil bed for future generations of crop.